About Scott

Artist – Designer

I had a show in Beacon, NY late 2014 (Oak Vino Wine Bar) called “Impulse & Control.”  These two ideas sum up what my art is about, “Impulse and Control” is about decisions, or choices.

It’s empowering, and a little frightening at times to realize that our decisions can create our lives just as they create artwork.  Every decision is like a brushstroke across a blank canvas creating our view of the world we live in.  We have control, we have the choice to decide if we are happy or upset at any moment…   though it’s not always easy to control due to impulse.

My artwork takes on a life of its own from the very beginning, like our children… and like us. I can guide, teach, protect, and hold onto, but ultimately the future becomes their own, becomes our own.  Pieces are created as a foundation for each viewer to build a personal meaning from their own life’s experience, and the titles act as a guide, or starting point for the story that will be told by the viewer.

–  Exhibiting paintings at Ramiro’s 954 Gallery, Mahopac, NY.  – September, 2017 – 2020

–  Group show –  Euphoria: The Painted Sculpture –  Lobby gallery 1251 Avenue of the Americas – February, 2018 – April 11, 2018

Originally, from Kansas City, MO and relocated to NY December, 2008.  I’m inspired by the beauty in the everyday, it’s everywhere if I take the time to look, or see it.  I’ve explored many mediums, including pottery, stained-glass, and photography but I find my home in drawing and painting.

Please enjoy, and thank you!

Scott Garrette